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How are your mattresses and furniture pieces recycled?

Once your items arrive to one of our processing centers, everything is sorted. During this procedure we will look for reusable or donatable items. This rarely happens due to non-profits being very picky, but if there are any items we can donate we do that first. It helps others and is always the best way to achieve a 100% recycling rate.


Our ground crew will then separate things by hand with more precision. At this point, depending on the material, items will be either shredded or baled and then sent to our other vendors to be used in the manufacturing of new products.



The wood is determined to either be solid or compressed. Then depending on the type it can be potentially be repurposed, or made into mulch, energy fuel, animal bedding and wood chips.




Much of the steel wire used to make mattress inner-springs and box-springs is made from recycled scrap steel. Once the mattress is discarded, the steel wire can again be melted and poured into new steel products such as nuts and screws.



 Fabric, Cotton and Foam


The cotton and foam are sold to companies that use the materials for insulation and foam padding used underneath wall- to-wall carpets and in other cushioning applications.


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